What is Sniping?

Sniping is a term for scoring a good deal on the marketplace, often in the face of competition.


I sniped a low mint SBW in the secondary market.

Full Definition:

Sniping refers to scooping up a great deal on the market, either to flip or to hodl.

Sniping activity is highest in the marketplace right after a drop, when many users who scored the drop go to sell their collectibles for a profit. Many collectibles and low mints can be sniped on drop day for below their true market value.

Bargain hunters also spend hours every day scouring the marketplace for good deals and undervalued market listings. Quick fingers, even quicker internet, patience and a little luck are key to getting good snipes.

One tip to help get snipes, especially on drop day, is to set your phone’s font to the smallest size possible. On larger phones this will make it so the “buy now” button appears above-the-fold without having to scroll, saving you precious milliseconds and increasing the odds being able to snipe a collectible from the floor.

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