What is Flipping?

Flipping is the strategy of purchasing undervalued collectibles and re-selling them for a higher price, often within a short time period.


I was able to flip a few collectibles right after the drop for a 1000 gem profit.

Full Definition:

Flipping is a way in which users earn gems in VeVe by buying underpriced collectibles in the marketplace, and then selling them at a higher price for a profit.

The easiest way to flip is to win a drop, since almost all collectibles sell for higher than the list price on the secondary market. Many people participate in drops just to flip the collectibles for a quick sale.

Another big opportunity for flipping is sniping collectibles off the floor when the market opens after the drop, and reselling the collectible at a higher price while demand is high.

Dedicated flippers spend hours studying market trends and scouring through marketplace listings for underpriced collectibles that they can resell for a higher price.

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