What is a Rebound?

Securing a drop after the initial countdown.


I missed the initial drop, but secured a rebound after 8 minutes.

Full Definition:

Most drops on VeVe sell out within minutes, but it is sometimes possible to get a drop even after it is initially sells out. This is known as a rebound.

Rebounds occur because when a user wins a drop, they have a limited time window to complete that transaction.

If for whatever reason the user does not complete the purchase within the time limit (they cancel, they don’t have enough gems, they don’t complete the captcha), then that collectible is made available for other users to buy.

If the “buy now” button appears on the collectible listing, users can keep tapping on it in the hopes of securing a rebound.

Even if the item shows “sold out”, it is possible to exit out of the listing and come back in, and the “buy now” button will re-appear if a rebound is available.

It is commonly believed that rebounds become available in 4-minute intervals (for example, if the drop happens at 8:00am, the rebounds would happen at 8:04, 8:08, 8:12, etc), although the VeVe team has said that is not always the case.

Rebounds become less likely as more time passes after the drop, and it’s usually not worth continuing to go for rebounds after the 12-minute mark.

However, on the Aston Martin drop (which had a record-high retail price of 1,007 gems) users were able to score rebounds on the 44-minute mark because so many users went for the drop without having sufficient gems.

How to get rebounds:

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