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Had some amazing luck on the Thor drop on VeVe today.

The drop had a pretty big edition size, and didn’t sell out for over 20 minutes, so I was able to snag 10 NFTs at 50 gems a piece.

Most ended up being commons and uncommons, but I ended up scoring my first ever secret rare— and not just one, but two SRs on one drop!

I also scored a low mint UR (#62) and flipped it for a cool 600 gems, which paid for the entire drop.

I ended up picking up a rare for below retail and a floor UR to complete the set.

It blows my mind that these collectibles are sitting below retail. Thor is one of the most popular Marvel characters and has a 4th movie coming out in a few weeks– more movies than any other MCU character!

Similar sized Marvel FA drops like Black Panther have commons selling for 40+ gems, so I don’t understand how the first appearance of such a significant character is selling below retail, even in the current market.

Given how cheap some of these are, I ended up picking up a few more Thors on the marketplace and am now sitting on a pretty big stack. Given how popular this character is, I’ll be hodling these for a while.

This was definitely my luckiest drop so far on VeVe, and hoping that my luck continues for the rest of the drops this month.


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