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I’m a big fan of the Mightys series, and have low mint sets of all the other ones, so my plan going into the Spider-Man drop was to collect the full set, and maybe stack a few of the Spider-Mans and Ghost Spiders if I could get a good deal on them.

I locked up all my gems yesterday on the Mickey & Friends drop, so I ended up purchasing an additional 2,500 gems. Probably not enough to get the full set according to my price prediction.

Luckily I sold the Daisy I got on the drop yesterday for 1,000 gems, and then my Donald #100 sold for 6,500 gems. Suddenly I had 10,000 gems to play with– more than enough to secure the set.

The Drop

I ended up scoring a Black Cat on the drop.

I’ve been using 2 phones lately on drops, and for the past few drops I’ve scored with the iPhone 12 in my left hand, and missed with my iPhone 13 in my right hand. Maybe I’m tapping too quickly?

My girlfriend landed a Spider-Man.

I ended up getting my delivery even before the market opened, but there wasn’t much FOMO demand for Black Cat, so I held onto it because it was a 3 digit.

The Market

I already scored a Black Cat, and I knew Spider-Woman would be cheap because it’s ugly as hell, so I decided to focus on the other collectibles.

Spider-Man 2099 started super high in the 4,000-5,000 range and Green Goblin was on the high side as well, so I focused on Spider-Man and Gwen.

The prices for those actually started below my price predictions, and I should have stuck to my convictions and stacked them, but instead I second-guessed myself and decided to wait and see.

This turned out to be a mistake, and prices soon skyrocketed. Prices were well above where I expected them to be, and delivery was only at 25% so I took a break until more were delivered.

Prices started to come down to a reasonable range around 80-90% delivery, before starting to creep up again.

I sniped a floor Ghost Spider just to have one, and secured a Green Goblin around 900 gems.

I hestitated on Spider-Man 2099 at 2,000, and it eventually bounced to 2,500 before starting to dip again. I ended up snagging a 3-digit for 2,200.

Spider-Woman I had no trouble getting a 3-digit mint at close to floor.

For Spider-Man I actually snagged a really cool mint off the floor, #06160, which is a pallindrome and also contains “616”, which is the earth that Spider-Man is from.

So I was able to complete the set, and ended up picking up a SR Alligator Loki for 2,100 gems and also an UR to complete the set.

Post Mortem

The Spider-Man drop was pretty chill compared to Mickey & Friends, and I didn’t make any crazy moves on any low mints.

I still have 3,000 gems left which should be more than enough for the stamp drop tomorrow, and hopefully enough for the stamp sheets as well. I also still have an unsold Daisy #61 which will hopefully sell soon so I have more liquidity for any drops to come.

There at least 7 drops next week, but aside from the stamps I haven’t seen anything too exciting yet. I will participate in all the drops, but probably won’t buy anything on the marketplace aside from the stamps. The rest of the gems I’ll save for the future or maybe pick up another Golden Moment.

Lessons Learned

Stick to your convictions. I should have stuck to my price predictions and made moves right when the market opened and prices were low, instead of hesitating and then watching prices rise. I need to go into the market with a price I’m willing to pay, and snipe any deals without hesitation.

Popularity trumps all. We saw with both the Mickey & Spider-Man drop this weekend how high the prices for popular characters such as Mickey Mouse and Spider-Man can go, even if they’re common, even if they have large edition sizes, and even if they’re not FAs. Prices for popular characters can trump less popular but rarer characters like Daisy or Spider Woman.

Floor multiples vary by rarity. I thought sub-100 mints are typically priced at 10x multiples of the floor, but apparently this only applies to commons. I asked Randy Chavez on one of his streams, and apparently the multiple for sub-100s is 8x for uncommons, 6x for rates, 4x for ulra rares, and 3x for secret rares. Good to know when going low-mint hunting!

Good weekend overall with a few thousand gems in profit from some quick flips, and some new Mightys in my vault! Looking forward to what’s coming in the coming week, and month!


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