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I love coming up with price predictions before a drop, because it helps to clarify my thinking and lets me enter the marketplace and avoid FOMOing or making irrational decisions.

I’ll start posting price predictions on this blog for drops I plan to participate in.

The Marvel Mightys have historically been some of the lowest priced collectibles on VeVe, although their prices have been creeping up recently as more users and money enters the app.

Here are my predictions for tomorrow’s drop and my reasoning. These are the prieces I expect we’ll see by end of day tomorrow:

Collectible Rarity Editions Price
Spider-Man Common 14,999 150-200
Ghost Spider Common 14,999 100-150
Spider Woman Uncommon 8,888 50
Black Cat Rare 5,555 300-400
Green Goblin Ultra Rare 3,333 1000-1500
Spider-Man 2099 Secret Rare 2,099 2000+


This isn’t the first appearance of Spider-Man, but as we saw with the Mickey & Friends drop, popularity can drive up a collectible regardless of whether it’s an FA, and Spider-Man is the most popular super hero in the world.

Also, the edition size is also half of earlier Mightys like Steve Rogers, and more recent drops like the Eternals, which had 18,000 editions for the common. That combined with the high price of all the other Spider-Man collectibles on the app will drive up the price of this one.

Ghost Spider

Ghost Spider aka Spider Gwen is one of the most popular Spider-Man variants out there, and is one of the main characters of the upcoming Spider-Verse sequel. I expect this one to easily hit 150 gems if not higher.

Spider Woman

The uncommon curse strikes again. Spider Woman is not a very known character, and this Mighty of her looks terrible. I expect this one to sit around 50 gems or less.

Black Cat

Black Cat is a popular friend/foe of Spider-Man from the comics, and the edition size is close to Doctor Doom, which was the Ultra Rare from his set and is sitting at 1,100 gems. I think Black Cat will hit 400 gems easy, and could go even higher.

Green Goblin

Green Goblin is the most well-known villain from the Spider-Man series and was featured front-and-center in the blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. Also with a limited edition size, this one will start in the 1,000-1,500 gem range, and go up from there.

Spider-Man 2099

I used to read this comic as a kid, and this Mighty looks freaking cool. Also, this is the first secret rare Mighty on VeVe so far and he will also be featured in the upcoming Spider-Verse movie. This one will hit a 2,000 gem floor for sure, and could go higher with its limited edition size.

Those are my predictions for the Spider-Man Mightys drop tomorrow. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments.


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