Feb 4th 2022 AMA Recap

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The VeVe team hosted the first AMA of the year on Twitter Spaces today. Here’s a quick recap of the top news:

Bots, bots, bots. Bots have been a hot topic this past week within the VeVe community, so the majority of the AMA was focused on that topic. The team released a detailed Medium article on the topic, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but a few highlights:

  • Collectibles are never taken away from users/bots. They remain in the disabled account until such time the user can prove they are not a bot. That means many collectibles won by bots will never enter the circulating supply.
  • The upcoming changes to the drop system and programs like MCP & OUP will significantly fix the bot issue on drops. Not discussed, however, was what if anything is being done to stop bots in the marketplace.
  • Accounts are not currently banned for buying/selling gems of collectibles off-app, although it is strongly discouraged.

App update. There will be an app update next week:

  • New users will be required to enter their full name & birthday when signing up for the app. This will help them recover their account if they are ever falsely flagged for bot activity.
  • The old vault controls will be coming back in addition to the new ones, giving vaulatholics more tools when setting up their showrooms.
  • The marketplace will be updated to fix the blank screen issues that many of us have faced while looking through listings on the marketplace.

PILI Fantasy. David Yu (CEO of VeVe) was gushing about the upcoming PILI Fantasy drop, and apparently the collectibles are incrediblly rare and popular in Asia. Although most Western audiences have never heard of them, this drop will be worth participating in. They are also planning on ramping up more collectibles aimed at the Asian market.

Other updates

  • Al Kahn, who is an advisor to VeVe and brought Pokémon to the US, made his first AMA appearance.
  • Anime is the next vertical VeVe will be exploring, with PILI Fantasy being the first step in that direction.
  • MTL is in active beta testing with users, and more will be onboarded next week.
  • Future VeVe updates will be presented in video format for easier consumption and posted on their YouTube channel.
  • Edition sizes for collectibles will expand with user growth, but VeVe will always try to maintain the collectability of items by keeping edition sizes small relative to demand.
  • Sports vertical will be coming to VeVe sometime this year.
  • An article will be coming soon clarifying the definitions for FA, FE, and CE tags which have been inconsistent in the past.
  • The team has considered a public API for app developers, but it will require a lot of work so won’t be coming soon.
  • 3 new comics next week in continued celebration of Black History Month.

Overall it was shorter AMA with most of the focus on bots, but no big announcements or clarfications on the big WENs like MCP, OUP, and exchange listings. Hopefully it put to rest some of the concerns the community has had around bots and account restrictions, and we can look forward to some biggers announcements coming later this month!


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