Star Wars Lightsaber NFTs Coming to VeVe!

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Today is the 45th anniversary of Star Wars, and VeVe just announced the details of the upcoming Star Wars lightsaber drop happening tomorrow!

Star Wars Lightsaber NFTs

These collectible will be the first licensed Star Wars lightsaber NFTs on the blockchain, which is pretty exciting!

The lightsabers are animated (they can be turned on and off) and feature sound as well.

The drop will be a blind box with five different lightabers and a list price of 60 gems:

  • Common – Yoda (19,800 editions)
  • Common – Skywalker Saber (19,800 editions)
  • Rare – Kylo Ren (12,015 editions)
  • Ultra Rare – Mace Windu (9,999 editions)
  • Secret Rare = Ahsoka Tano (5,454 editions)

There are over 60,000 NFTs dropping in total, so there’s a good chance of scoring one on the drop, the question is which rarities you’ll get in the blind box.

So far VeVe is the only company that has officially licensed Star Wars NFTs, and it’s good to see them dropping more beyond the Golden Moments drop last year, and the comic they released for May 4th.

Alex, the head of marketing at VeVe, hinted that there will be three other Star Wars NFTs dropping this week, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

If you’re going for this drop, may the Force be with you!


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