VeVe April Community Update

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VeVe surprised us with a community update, and there was a lot of juicy info in this one! Probably the best update I’ve seen from them in a while.

Probably the biggest news is that the web platform will begin rolling out to users within a week, and will be rolled out fully by the end of May.

The web platform, if you don’t know, is the web version of the VeVe app. It will make purchasing gems easier, make setting up your showroom easier, and provide new filters for your collectibles.

The web app will also enable KYC, MTL, and the new drop raffle system, as well as new auction drops for 1-of-1 art pieces.

The first test of the new drop system will also happen in May, with letters from the VeVe logo.

VeVe CEO David Yu also had quite a few Star Wars collectibles in the background, which seems like a not-so-subtle hint that Star Wars drops are coming in May, likely around May 4th or the release of the new Obi-Wan series.

The team also said there will be new licenses dropping in May, as well as art pieces from renowned “reverspective” artist, Patrick Hughes.

Also it sounds like MCP is under development, with phase 1 rolling out sometime this quarter.

The team also announced they will be hosting a party on June 4th in California as part of DCon— it’s been strongly hinted that there may be promo cards given away to attendees, so I’ll definitely be going!

Overall lots of bullish news and exciting updates to look forward to in May and Q2!

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